Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fabric and Craft Storage

I was thinking and thinking and to store my fabric. I don't have a lot, but what I do have I wanted very easy access to. You know flat folding in piles gets messy and can be difficult to pull, say the bottom piece out. So this plan works beautifully for me. The flat fold on the top left shelf is larger home decor fabric, and that worked better folded and storing flat, but it still works because there are just a few pieces. 

I moved my antique baby scale from the craft table to the shelf and I like it here. Well, I will be working on organizing the rest of these shelves until they work just right for me.
It is such a treat to be in this little room. With the pretty colors of fabric cheerfully displayed. Creativity is such a blessing. :)

Craft Room Shelving...The quest for all things organized!

After a long time I finally have my shelving installed. I designed how I wanted it to look and it came out fairly close to what I had envisioned. Here it is from the doorway looking in, actually the paint on the door is white (a darker white), I'm not sure why it is looking like a wood tone.

My husband had to take this view with his "power camera" with the wide angle lens to get it all in. You can see the smoke detector hanging from the ceiling. He had to cut through the ceiling and move it over so when the unit was installed it would clear the detector. There is more work to be done. The ceiling has to be painted where it was cut in to, and the detector put back in place. The molding still needs to be painted and of course the sewing and craft supplies will need to be organized on the shelves. At the bottom is just the sunshine hitting the wall below the last shelves.

I love the corbels, they came pretty close to making them how I wanted, except the top portion was  suppose to be as deep as the shelf depths, (which are 2 different sizes). Oh well--what to do?

Babies--The Wonder of it All !!!

     My beautiful grandson at about 6 months.  He is now almost 19 months old, and will soon be welcoming home a baby sister in a few weeks. What joy! Here he is wearing an outfit that his dad wore when he was a baby 22 years ago. I carefully saved and stored some of my boys baby clothes hoping that their children could wear them. So I love this picture. I'll have to find and scan in a picture of my son when he wore this outfit.