Friday, June 17, 2011

The Best Kind of Influence-My Mother!

I was in Wal Mart the other day picking up a few items when I saw these flowers. An image immediately came to mind of my mother. She used to wear a lipstick about this same shade. It looked wonderful on her. So as I stood there in the store going down memory lane it brought a smile to my face and my heart. Impulsively I had to purchase them. That's the best kind of advertisement, a happy memory.... :)

What happy memories do you have of your mother?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whimsical Pride and Prejudice Doll

Meet my new doll.
I've named her Annie Lou Lou, after my sister (that was my sister's nick name growing up).

I began making her at my sister's home in Washington earlier this year. I had flown up to my sister's to finish a quilt I had been working on, and when I saw this doll in a book she had, called "Sew Sunny Homestyle" I just had to make it.

My sister graciously let me choose from her bountiful fabric bolts and stashes all kinds of prints for her wardrobe. It was fun picking out fabrics for her dresses and pajamas and swimsuit.

In fact the above picture shows her in her 1800's swimsuit. It actually isn't quite finished, the pattern shows it sewn to the doll. That wasn't going to work for me since I wanted to create a whole wardrobe for her. So I am working on making it removable and finishing up the embellishments of white trim and pearl buttons. I'm considering making her a headband for her hair also.

Resting on the couch.

Here is her first dress I made for her. I"ll be making many more, hopefully. I also began making a second doll and when she is all put together, I will call her Liddy Nore (which was part of my nick name growing up.)

By the way, have you read Pride and Prejudice? I love the book and have read it multiple times. There are alot of good lessons included throughout its pages.

Until next time....Happy crafting :)