Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Little Haven~My Little Craft Room

I now have my very own little craft room in the making. I've been slowly transforming the room. It used to be my oldest sons room who is now married and has recently had his own sweet baby. I am contemplating a name for my room...when the right name comes to me I will post it outside the door, either by a hanging sign or painted directly on the wall.
The pictures here are just of one small corner in the room.
My table top spans the length of the room which is about 9' 3". It was actually intended to be a wall panel (cherry wood) for The Conference Center years and years ago. The story that came to me was that it was a leftover and going to be thrown out. It was rescued by a man who worked there and given to a dear friend of mine who kept it housed for years. Her husband finally decided he would not budge its heftiness one more time and by a loving fluke I became the happy recipient.

I had a neighbor friend trim it down to fit the length of the room and also cut it down so it wasn't too deep. He did a beautiful job. Then I turned my attention to the problem of the recessed areas. That was easy, by just putting glass across the length of the top it became a useable surface. It makes it fun because it leaves room for little memento's underneath the glass.

Below you can see a ceramic hand print from when I was in kindergarten and a bracelet that I received as a Christmas Gift when I was 6 years old. The compartment on the bracelet holds a total of 5 dimes. Wow~did I think I was cool or what! :) The chain that you see didn't originate with it, that was long broke and gone. This one is just sitting there until I can get a better one to have attached to the charm.

There are a few more memento's sprinkled down the table top for now, but nothing is in its permanent place yet. The room is still not fully functional but its slowly moving in that direction. YEAH!!! :)