Friday, February 18, 2011

Coat Closet Inspired by Mary Poppins

I am in need of a coat closet....So, I began to put my brain cells to dreaming and remembered this scene from Mary Poppins. You know, the scene where the children do not want to clean up the room. And she sings something like--In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap, the jobs a game. And with Mary's magic they proceed to clean the room.

While the doors are popping open and closed and open and closed I realized that these free standing coat closets only had an upper shelf and below the shelf are hooks to hang things on. Well inspiration struck and I drew out my ideas of a very narrow coat closet (free standing) with a little medieval twist to it with arched doors. I told my idea to a very creative man who came and measured my area. And asked lots of wonderful questions which I gave him my answers to and he went to his work and put his thoughts and ideas into his computer and brought back a rough sketch of what it will look like. It will also be in a luscious red....I can't wait.

Needless to say I will love I am now saving my pennies and dollars to have the work done. I wont have him begin on it until I have saved completely for it.

Here is a side picture of the narrow area. It is 15 1/4" deep. Perfect for a free standing coat closet with a shelf and hooks or door knobs inside to hang coats. Right now I have hung up these plaques with door knobs to use as a temporary coat hanging area.

Below is also showing my boot tray. Its a copper tray with large pebbles inside to let the moisture from boots and shoes drain down through the pebbles and help the shoes dry quicker. It has come in very handy this winter season.

I can't wait to have the coat closet built and I love the color red, it makes me smile :)