Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Reading The Scriptures
(I have added the word scriptures on his book)

Scriptures.....when I think of this word I have a million images and thoughts race through my mind and body. I have soooo many hours and hours under my belt from the time I was very small all the way to now of consistent scripture reading. I have read them after climbing up in to a very tall tree and settling myself happily on a branch, and in a field with my collie dog Prince who would lie down and I would prop my head up on his side and he wouldn't move the whole time I read out loud to him, and other places, my bedroom, sitting on the stairs, in a car, in a Doctors waiting room, on the front porch steps, in the back yard while trains were noisily going by, in Church classrooms, at the kitchen table and many other places.

When I read, the people and circumstances come alive for me. I am always happy when they are wise and choose good things, and always very sad when they are unwise and choose things that bring them to ultimate destruction. Is it any different in our day... if we were written about and we stumbled upon our names in the printed word what would we find out about our lives, to what end would it play out. To me the Scriptures are the ultimate classic--to be read over, and over, and over again. There are so many life experiences to learn from--real people whose story is in print, who lived a a long time ago and yet can have, if we let them, a great impact on our lives today.

I love this quote from "The World According to Narnia" by Jonathan Rogers

"You can hardly help but feel that a life of virtue is an adventure you wouldn't want to miss"

Do you read the Scriptures?

Glass Vials

I love Itty-Bitty things--they make life so satisfying.
I have these vials in 3 different sizes. They are perfect for buttons, brads, beads, or whatever is small and in need of a home. I even took the largest one and put one of my favorite spices in it and tied on a miniature tag with hemp string and had a perfect little just because gift for a friend. I have quite a few of them and I have been dreaming on the perfect way to store them. So far I have come up with -- taking wood and drilling holes to fit each circumference. Also something with a handle on it so it can be moved around easily. I purchased them online at Specialty Bottle . I am hoping to acquire more in the future,--after all you can never have too many homes for those Itty-Bitty things. It just makes life more orderly. :)